Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh
Ayurveda Retreat in India

Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh with Yoga & Meditation Classes

The Guru Yogpeeth in Rishikesh offers the most authentic Ayurvedic retreats in India. This retreat focuses on treatment through Ayurveda, which is not just a treatment with ancient medicines but a lifestyle organized for humans to have a healthy body. As part of our Ayurvedic treatment program, we treat internal and external organs as well as rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul through its deep penetration into the physical and mental bodies.

We at Guru Yogpeeth focus on an organic way of treatment through Ayurveda’s magical properties.

Ayurveda’s pharmacy is Mother Nature, and all the oils, potions, and lotions are prepared exclusively from herbs, roots, and plant extracts, which make the treatment free from distressing side effects. According to the principles of Ayurveda, health is synonymous with the harmony of life, mind, and spirit and is based on natural principles that govern every aspect of human life.

Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh

Guru Yogpeeth in Rishikesh offers 3, 7, 14, and 21 days of Ayurvedic retreat in India. The cost details and duration of the Ayurveda Retreat are stated as follows:

Duration & Fee Details:

Duration Fee US$ Fee INR
3 Days Ayurveda Retreat $ 300 21,000
7 Days Ayurveda Retreat $ 600 40,000
14 Days Ayurveda Retreat $ 1000 72,000
21 Days Ayurveda Retreat $1400 105,000

Fee Inclusions:

An Ayurveda Retreat at Guru Yogpeeth includes:

  • Daily pranayama or mindfulness meditation.
  • Daily mantra chanting and yoga group session.
  • Complementary Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation classes.
  • Comfortable & private accommodations.
  • Ayurveda treatment per day.
  • Pure Vegetarian meals & detox beverages.
  • Workshop on topics related to yoga, ayurveda, health, mindfulness, spirituality.
  • Consultation sessions with experienced Ayurvedic doctors.
  • Nature walks, mountain treks, and temple visits.

What to Expect at 3, 7, 14, and 21 Days of Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh

An Ayurvedic way of life at Guru Yogpeeth
The Ayurveda Retreat in Rishikesh is designed for yoga practitioners to experience an Ayurvedic and simple way of life. Guru Yogpeeth offers complimentary yoga and meditation classes to students. Consultation sessions with experienced Ayurvedic doctors are also conducted. The retreat also provides daily workshops on Ayurveda, health, mindfulness, and spirituality. Guests can enjoy a healthy, natural, and luxurious lifestyle thanks to our well-furnished and well-equipped accommodations.

Fresh, Organic, Nutritious & Delicious Diet
Guru Yogpeeth makes sure it delivers fresh, organic, and healthy meal choices to all our guests at the yoga school. The food at our abode is not only nutritious but also delicious and appetizing to savor. Pure vegetarian meals are prepared using freshly grown vegetables and fruits. Guests undergoing Ayurvedic treatments receive customized meals prepared under the direction of an Ayurvedic doctor. With wellness in mind, Guru Yogpeeth offers a healthy diet plan for your overall well-being.


Guru Yogpeeth provides world-class facilities with spacious, clean, and classy rooms. All the rooms have well-equipped ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold running water. An Ayurvedic massage parlor on the site caters to all therapeutic Ayurvedic massages and therapies for the guests. The cottage-style private accommodations at Guru Yogpeeth are designed with fine and classic architecture. The serene landscape of the yoga school blends flawlessly with the natural surroundings.

Retreat Whereabouts:

Guru Yogpeeth is a quaint health and wellness destination in Rishikesh, India. The yoga school offers an Ayurvedic retreat for a spiritual getaway at the foothills of the breathtaking Himalayas. With an experienced and resourceful faculty of yoga practitioners, we cater to guests from around the world.

Inclusion & Facilities:

For students who are into adventure and thrill, the stay at Guru Yogpeeth can be topped up with the unique attractions of Rishikesh, prominent among them being the heart-warming Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan, the Beatles Ashram, river rafting, bungee jumping to get an adrenaline rush, and some trekking. These are some of the weekly excursions that are included with the Ayurveda Retreat. Guests can enjoy and spend some time in leisure with some form of adventure, sport, or thrill during the weekends.

Ayurveda Retreat at Guru Yogpeeth also includes facilities such as:

  • Ayurvedic Massage Parlor
  • Air-conditioned room
  • Dining area
  • Garden
  • Lobby
  • Meditation Garden
  • Smoke-free property
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Ironing/ironing board
  • Laundry
  • Library